couple of suggestions for EAC- CD-TEXT (.cdt file creation), and save DATA CD-Extra sessions to ISO!

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    yes I'm trying to archive CDs to be accurate as possible. I want to archive the disc format entirely. I want to save every detail of the Audio-CD, preferably in a BIN/CUE/CDT set up. EAC does not allow such ripping.

    why not just use ImgBurn, ISOBuster, Alcohol 120%, etc? They can't rip audio at all! Tracks come up with differing samples, and AccurateRip never matches. Each rip is different using these tools: samples different, and AccurateRip different. I have not found an Audio CD ripping tool that rips accurately EVER. tools I haven't tried: Daemon-Tools, MagicISO, PowerISO, due to cost etc.

    But what's up with EAC? it doesn't save the actual CD-Text from the disc in the CUE for one, and ImgBurn and ISOBuster handle this by storing it in a cdt file next to the BIN/CUE.

    Furthermore EAC cannot rip the data portion of a CD-Extra/Enhanced CD. So how to get the Session 2 in an ISO? Haven't tested it yet but apparently one can rip the audio portion with EAC FLAC/CUE format, rip Session 2 with ISOBuster, modify the CUE to include Session 2 image information, and ImgBurn can burn it. ImgBurn can probably use the CD-Text CDT file from ISOBuster or ImgBurn itself, haven't tried it, but to simplify the process EAC should add these basic features!

    Basically EAC could be our all in one tool to create: FLAC, BIN, CDT, AND CUE.

    Furthermore EAC needs to add the option to store the FLAC/WAV/BIN/CUE/etc in a specific folder ie %album artist%\%album%\xxx to simplify extraction process.
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