Does not compress all tracks to WMA Lossless

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  1. bboulou12

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    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium; EAC V1.0 Beta 3 29 August 2011; External compresssion WMA9 encoder Lossless

    When ripping a CD to WMA lossless not all the tracks have been compressed in WMA Lossless at the end of the process.(although the report stated it has compressed all tracks. ( 1 to 5 or 6 tracks are still in WAV format). To solve the problem I clicked on compress wavs (tools options] as many times needed to convert WAV to WMA lossless. Any Ideas how to solve that problem???

    I added the encoder location in the compress option later on but the problem remains the same.
    To rip the CD I cliked on the icon on the left pane named:CMP

  2. Workie

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    What's the format of your command-line options (in the External Compression tab)?
  3. bboulou12

    bboulou12 New Member

    Hi Workie,

    External Compression tab - command-line options: I left it blank.??? Should I include something?
  4. Surfy

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  5. bboulou12

    bboulou12 New Member

    Hi Surfy,

    Yes I have Expression Encoder 32 bits installed. I have window 7 Home Premium 64 bits on my laptop.
    Parameter passing scheme:Microsoft WMA9 Encoder
    bit rate : Lossless
    running test encoder : C:\Program Files (x86)\Exact Audio Copy\WMAENCODER.EXE -jd "C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Temp\WMA509A.tmp.xej" "C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Temp"

    Environment variables: tmp and temp have the same value
  6. Surfy

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    WMA lossless with EAC 1.0beta3 and Microsoft Expression Encoder 4


    Verified for Windows 7 (x64)
    with all updates and Exact Audio Copy 1.0beta3 in default folder
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Exact Audio Copy\"

    1. Uninstall Windows Media Encoder 9 (x86 and/or x64) if installed.

    2. Restart OS.

    3. Install Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 with latest Service Pack.
    Installation: Click file with right mouse button and select "Run as administrator".​

    4. Restart OS.

    5. Configuring "External compression"

    Click thumbnail:


    6. EAC - Compression options - External Compression:
    Click Test encoder

    7. Other important settings (in this context)
    EAC - EAC options - Tools:
    Activate beginner mode, ... -> unchecked
    On extraction, start external compressors ... -> checked
    Use 1 simultaneous external compressor thread(s)
    Do not open external ... -> unchecked
    EAC - EAC options - General:
    Wait for external compressors -> checked
    EAC - EAC options - Extraction:
    Extraction and compression priority -> Normal

    8. Restart EAC.

    One last advice: Do not use a long path for extraction target, please.
    It's better ripping to (e.g.) "C:\Rips\" than to "C:\USERS\OWNER\MUSIC\Rips\".

    Greetings, Surf ...

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  7. bboulou12

    bboulou12 New Member

    Thanks Surfy
    I will try
  8. bboulou12

    bboulou12 New Member

    Hi Surfy

    Follow your instructions:
    Install Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 SP2 . Got SP1 Previously
    EAC - EAC options - General:
    Wait for external compressors -> checked. Previously when checked Wait for external compressors and then clicked on EAC - EAC options - General, the Wait for external compressors was UNchecked as if did tot take into account when I checked that box in the first place (tried many times)???. Now It is OK. May be due to Encoder 4 SP2 instead of SP1
    I follow all instructions except your last one tip:
    Result : RIP 6 CD , 4 were OK except 2 on which 3 Tracks were uncompressed.

    Will try now with your last one tip:Do not use a long path for extraction target
    Let you Known
  9. bboulou12

    bboulou12 New Member

    Hi Surfy

    I followed your advice and used a shorter parh "C:\Rips\" than to "C:\USERS\OWNER\MUSIC\Rips\" and so far it works (Ripped 10 CD and all compreseed to WMA lossless). Do not knowm why the path might causes a problem as it is only an address location. Anyway many thanks for your advice

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