GSA-41xxB -> 37KB audio cache > EAC audio cache setting on or off?

Discussion in 'Exact Audio Copy - English' started by jhartmann, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. jhartmann

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    EAC claims the LG GSA-4163B and its relatives would not cache audio, but they do: 37KB audio are cached. The question is: Does this mean EAC should always empty the cache (setting "drive caches audio data" on) or is this such a small amount of audio cache that EAC can ignore it?
  2. Martin

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    EAC's audio caching detection isn't 100% fool-proof... I check with both EAC and feurio, and if both say that the drive dosen't cache audio, then i don't check the option. If one of them say that the drive caches audio, then i check the option...
  3. Andre Wiethoff

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    The smallest block size which is read is 64 kB, so usually every cache smaller than this block size does not count (as usually blocks larger than this value are read in one go)
    But of course, to be really sure, it can be enabled though...

    cu, Andre

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