I am a new registered professional in this forum, I wold be a good friend for you all

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    First of all, I would like everybody to inform that I am apprehensive but a competent and at the same time a masters'degree in some different aspects of education. I am very interested for all the new thingswhich are subsisting today, like technologies,gadgets invention, cars ,and other things which have an application of technology. I am a collector of a use automobile, or a used motor engines,I have passion doing it as I look my boredom passing by. I am also a noticeable writer on the company of aviom. One of my writing were linked to computer business as I did all of helpful blogs and articles to back up business owners to have a good profit and buyers. I am an Search Engine Optimization expert also, but this time, I'm not focusing on that because I'm busy as a Chief executive officer of the company which businesses are yamaha dm1000 and yamaha stagepas 300. The Yamaha m7cl company who has a honor and reliability to its loyal buyer.

    If I have a time during vacant hours in works, I am opening the internet to open all the notifications, replies, and messages which sent to me by my friends and people who have a connection on me. I am a time aware person, that's why you can't see me having nothing every single day of my life. I don't want person who critics me as if he/she Knew a lot on me, those people who have closed mind and didn't understand the flows of life and reality. I love being a single person yet immune from hassle, I don't think about love life so much because time knows it already.

    What I wanna to share is all about myself, you cannot see here more that about me, still you are free to be friends and have a time together. I have a li'l dilemma on my breathing, at the same time on my lung, that's is why most of the times I am using a Cannabis Vaporizer(not a Weed Vaporizer or Marijuana Vaporizer) in order for me to breath.
    The Portable Vaporizer the best helper, if I won't have that thing I am not sure if I'm still alive today.

    I love Cars, as I said I love to drive it and looking for used car dealer license so that I can buy it and add into my collection of old cars.
    Sometimes people keep on asking how to get a dealers license since they knew that my cars were license and legal to run it on the highways even they are old. I just said that there are many of auto dealers license online who helps to get a licenses on all cars.

    How I love to live on these things, as long as you know that you work for it and have them through hardships.
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