Keyboard shortcut for "Continue from last track number" button

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    When I rip audiobooks, I use a clipboard tool (the snippets function in PowerPro) to fill in the CD data for each disk so it is the same for each disk, including tabs to step through the fields, finishing with the CD number field highlighted so that I just type it in and I'm ready to rip, almost. I also have to move the mouse to click the button for "Continue from last track number" and then I can start ripping.

    I need a way to include this button in my command. The tab key just skips over it and I can't find anything like a keyboard shortcut to activate it, or a setting to automatically "Continue from last track number" when a new CD is inserted. Do any of those options exist? And if not, consider this a feature request. Either a keyboard shortcut, a setting, or the tab key presses include selecting it and then the space bar press activated it, anything like that.

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