Split .flac image into tracks?

Discussion in 'Exact Audio Copy - English' started by Blutgott, May 3, 2007.

  1. Blutgott

    Blutgott New Member

    Viele Gruesse,

    Let's say I have an image of CD ripped with EAC and encoded to FLAC. In other words, a .cue file and one large .flac image. How can I split the image into its separate tracks? I know there's a program called CUE Splitter, but can I use AutoFLAC, or EAC, or FLAC Frontend or something?

    Please tell me how I can do this without having to burn the image and rip!

    Vielen Dank
  2. wyhiwyg

    wyhiwyg Member Deluxe

    I've always just decoded .flac to .wav, split using cue, and then re-flac.

    Don't know if there's a better way.
  3. Blutgott

    Blutgott New Member

    Hi, thanks--I've tried that, and it works OK, except that the .wav doesn't keep the tags from the .flac, so I have to add them (track name and track number). It's a bit more laborious than I would like. AutoFLAC needs a "split image" feature.
  4. calestyo

    calestyo Member Deluxe

    You can use cuebreakpoints and shnsplit (which understands FLAC natively IIRC).
    e.g.: cuebreakpoints image.cue | shnsplit image.flac

  5. Blutgott

    Blutgott New Member

    Chris: I'm a bit of a noob, so I don't know to what you refer.
  6. @thehop

    @thehop New Member

    Some Years ago, but actual for me today ^^

    Chris mean that - i think - but it's for Linux ...
    ... but i found short time ago a Freeware solution for Windows ... :)

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  7. greynol

    greynol Member Deluxe

    From all the experiences I've had helping people and reading about their problems, I would stay well away from this software.

    I recommend either CUE Tools or foobar2000 to split images instead.
  8. @thehop

    @thehop New Member

    Thank You for the warning!
    hmm... do You know a lossless (no re-encoding) splitter for FLAC without CUE Sheets?
    And (important) with no need of Bloat-NET-Framework. ;)

    I have only one FLAC Image, and i want cut out just some tracks.

    regards bye
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  9. Teller

    Teller Member Deluxe

    Make a cue sheet
    It only takes a minute or two
  10. greynol

    greynol Member Deluxe

    I don't like bloatNET framework either. I have it installed on only one machine and it's not my main one. So for you that would rule out CUE Tools, which is too bad because it's an excellent program, especially since it has gotten updated with AccurateRip support that's far superior to any other program (including illustrate's dBpoweramp; they created AccurateRip), besides XLD, which I believe is the original source of the improvement. In fact, CUE Tools is the only reason I installed .NET on that one machine in the first place.

    Without a CUE sheet, how would you expect to split a flac file? Flac does have the --skip and --until switches, but you still have to pass them numerical values, whether they be in samples or mm:ss.dd. Either way you'll need something along the lines of the disc's TOC.

    One caveat about foobar2000, it ignores any gap before the first track. You'll have to alter your CUE sheet to extract it, though it isn't very hard. Yes, foobar2000 requires CUE sheets to split.

    Finally, I'm not sure I understand your concern about re-encoding. Splitting a flac image to flac tracks (or any other lossless compressed format) requires re-encoding, but it's still lossless.
  11. greynol

    greynol Member Deluxe

    Yep, and IIRC, you have a very nice tool in helping to do this.

    There's also CUEMaster which can grab info from freedb/freedb2 and I think musicbrainz has a front-end to do this as well (picard or something?). I'm betting there are other tools out there to automate the job as well.
  12. pedrogawdin

    pedrogawdin New Member

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